Client Testimonials


"Connecting with Justine for life coaching was one of the best things I've ever done for myself.  Coaching helped me regain my confidence & relearn poise & how to step back & find my voice.  My "voice" was there- hiding but there- thank you for helping me find it!!"

"My life was making my head spin. I felt like I was going nowhere fast and that I was at a stagnant standstill. A friend mentioned a friend of hers who was a Life Coach. I called Justine not knowing what would happen..I was happily surprised. With her wisdom, guidance and "tool box" I have made great strides over the past several months. Between standing my ground on important life issues to the daily routine at work, Justine has been an amazing coach. I highly recommend Justine to anyone who needs guidance transitioning to a new life phase. Justine comes from a place of lots of life experience, wisdom and in my case comes from a very yogic state of mind. Thanks to my work with Justine, my life has evolved and I am excited for the next chapter. 

If you have the chance to work with Justine -Go for it!! I am not much of a risk taker and working with Justine really made me think and dig deep about important issues. I now see things from a new perspective and while I respond in a way that is authentically me, it is a new way where I am a force and not a door mat!"



"When one of my friends told me she was involved with "life coaching", I was a little bit wary, thinking that I'm doing fine and don't need to discuss my feelings. But I decided to give it a shot, and it exceeded my expectations.  This wasn't therapy, like I was suspecting. It felt nice to talk to someone unaware of, and unbiased towards my life. 

Justine did a great job at asking just the right questions which forced me to face any problems I may have been shrugging off or hiding beneath the surface.  Justine did not directly tell me how to feel a certain way, or how to solve some internal conflict, but instead, helped me realize the solutions that I already knew deep within my heart.  It's easy to know the answer to a problem, but sometimes it takes time to feel it and accept it as the truth, and talking to Justine helped me achieve this. After one month with her, I can truly say that I feel at ease and grateful for where I am right in this moment."


        LIZ J-

"I had a fantastic experience doing life coaching with Justine.... One of the big things that entailed for me with coaching was connecting with my inner “wildness” and femininity. It’s clear that Justine has done a lot of that work on her own and she gave me confident and gentle guidance that made me feel really assured about the process and helped me realize it will all be ok. Another thing she helped me with is the practice of setting and maintaining healthy boundaries for myself. She helped me view life and all kinds of situations as an opportunity to practice all of this....

Justine truly listened to me and I felt heard and understood by her- she would listen and then ask questions that would guide me deeper into a feeling or situation, or she would guide meditations to help me connect with the feeling in my body, or offer her gentle guidance without telling me what I “should” do. She helped me in a way that respected my own process and my power to make my own choices. She was also very understanding and open, and I found that I wasn’t afraid to tell her about my goofs and mistakes and things I don’t usually feel comfortable sharing.

Justine also suggested resources to me based on our sessions, and all of her suggestions were spot on. She’s super intuitive and seemed to guide me to the right resources at the right times... working with her I’ve grown in many ways....Justine is strong, compassionate and very open and I really recommend her coaching to anyone who’s wanting to go deeper into themselves, discover what they really want and how to actualize it, and to take the journey to self acceptance. I especially would recommend her to women seeking a deeper connection to their feminine strength, because Justine understands and encourages this process."



"I would absolutely recommend Justine to anyone who is going through life feeling disconnected and uninspired - she has shown me there is another way to live and I am so grateful!  

Working with Justine for coaching was a unique and amazing experience. From the first time we spoke I felt comfortable to share with her all that I was going through. Her gentle approach was what I needed. We worked together on many different issues , but ultimately what I've realized is that I can be kind, loving and nourishing to myself in all situations and began to really heal from the inside out! 

I can treat and love myself now the way I would another person. Before you I never thought this way."


ROSE E. R. -

I just experienced an hour long wonderful coaching call with Justine. From the first few minutes, I felt like Justine was an old friend of mine who was curious with compassion about my relationship with myself.

In the first half of our session, I was able to understand some of my habits better including my lack of positive habits and my values. Justine remained so focused the whole time and I was very pleased and satisfied at this point and was grateful for her knowledge and professionalism. I thought; the time has passed and I had made two pages of notes and understood how to apply suggested exercises to my daily awareness but Justine was still so focused and attentive- she grabbed a word of mine and she knew, our conversation couldn't end just yet. For the next half an hour we reached another level of depth about loving myself. I realized how good I felt- a feeling of ease, flow and freshness came over me. I never thought I could be with myself in such a light and loving way as if I was just floating in the ocean on my favorite beach.

We never forget how people make us feel....(and I am so grateful to Justine today). With the help of a coach who is dedicated to illuminate our own unique need for positive reinforcement; we can cultivate it to a level where we remember our true identity and I call this a victory ! Thank you Justine! 



"The experience of coaching with Justine was absolutely that of a partnership, I know that I was heard throughout the sessions and we always ended in a way that connected the conversation.

Every session allowed me to create a powerful tool to remind me to nurture my heart and spirit. Each session also seemed to build off of the previous one even if I was not initially aware it was happening. I was blown away at times at your observations because I hadn’t been fully aware of the hidden emotions of what I was expressing.

This was the first time I experienced use of movement to become in tune with a thought or emotion and it really helped me understand in a way I might have missed otherwise. I was able to adopt a gentler form of acceptance and communication with myself, reminding me that I can always be kinder to myself. As part of the “homework assignments,” the continuous practicing of confidence, experiencing joy through dance/music, and creating a daily mantra are part of my daily practice.

Thank you SO much for the opportunity to work with you! I was wonderful."