Justine...You truly helped me make life altering shifts and guided me to a deeper intimacy with myself that will last a lifetime.

I knew I wanted to feel empowered in my life and I needed help shifting stagnate areas such as relationship to money, body, and self worth. Not only did you coach me in these areas, subsequently my ability to nourish myself increased and you helped me shift my fear and trauma response in a liberating way. You brought insight and gave me tools to have a deeper intimacy with myself and this has affected all areas of my life. I feel empowered, I have more resiliency, I give myself more permission. I have the tools to come back to the center of myself quicker and I am building the muscle of "having my own back". 

I have lost weight, not out of dieting and exercise, simply because my body does not need this barrier any longer. I do not need to hide myself. 

You helped me get to a place of less self-criticism, more personal choice and the increased capacity to let go of perfectionism. 

These major shifts at the core of my being have been instrumental in my developing a positive relationship to self.

What I loved about working with you was your balance of gentleness and hard line of not "doing the work for me". You gracefully would illicit the answers from me.

You have a keen ability to get to the "root" of the issue, which allowed not only external change in my life but internal shifts on a cellular level.

You are a skilled healer and coach and I am so grateful for your work together and the ways I was able to integrate change in places I had not before.   

- Loretta M. Boulder CO

…This is how I came to experience Justine as a coach and caring human being. Let me be clearer. An extraordinary coach and an extraordinarily sensitive and caring human being.


Justine has a very unique skill and innate ability. She can lead you to a place of exceptional compassion. For yourself. It helped me immensely from the beginning and I’ve grown to fully appreciate its power…

-Carl G. Long Beach CA



I had a fantastic experience doing life coaching with Justine. She is super intuitive and seemed to guide me to the right resources at the right times. She helped me in a way that respected my own process and my power to make my own choices.


Working with her I've grown in many ways...Justine is strong, compassionate, and very open and I really recommend her coaching to anyone who's wanting to go deeper into themselves, discover what they really want, and how to actualize it and to take a journey to self acceptance. I especially would recommend her to women seeking a deeper connection to their feminine strenth.

- Liz J., Austin TX


Connecting with Justine for life coaching was one of the best things I've ever done for myself. Coaching helped me regain my confidence & relearn poise & how to step back & find my voice. My "voice" was there, hiding but there- thank you for helping me find it!

I highly recommend Justine to anyone who needs guidance transitioning to a new life phase. Thanks to my work with Justine, my life as evolved and I am excited for the next chapter.

If you have the chance to work with Justine Go for it! I am not much of a risk taker and working with Justine really made me think and dig deep about important issues. I now see things from a new perspective and while I respond in a way that is authentically me, it is a new way, where I am a force and not a door mat!  

-Carolyn M., Stamford CT

Justine did not directly tell me how to feel a certain way or how to solve some internal conflict, but instead helped me realize the solutions that I already knew deep within my heart. It's easy to know the answer to a problem, but sometimes it takes time to feel it and accept it as truth, and working with Justine helped me achieve this. I can truly say that I feel at ease and grateful for where I am right in this moment. 

-N.N., Boston MA


I would absolutely recommend Justine to anyone who is going through life feeling disconnected and uninspired. She has shown me that the is another way to live and I am so grateful!

Working with Justine for coaching was a unique and amazing experience. From the first time we spoke I felt comfortable to share with her all that I was going through. Her gentle approach was what I needed. We worked together on many different issues, but ultimately what I've realized, is that I can be kind, loving, and nourishing to myself in all situations, and began to really heal from the inside out.

Alexis A., Greenwich CT


If you are a woman ready for a change in your life, I highly recommend Justine. What I so respect and felt drawn to is her genuineness- she is emotionally and intellectually "real"

As a coach, Justine has a great background as an LCSW and a clear solid method- she is also playful, creative, and effective.

Beatrice M., Boulder Co


The experience of coaching with Justine was absolutely that of a partnership. Every session allowed me to create a powerful tool to remind me to nurture my heart and spirit.  I was blown away at times at Justine's observations because I hadn't been fully aware of the hidden emotions of what I was expressing.

This was the first time that I experienced the use of movement to become in tune with a thought or emotion and it really helped me understand in a way I might have missed otherwise. I was able to adopt a gentler form of acceptance and communication with myself reminding me that I can always be kinder to myself. 

    After our work together, confidence, experiencing joy, and creating a daily mantra are now a part of my daily practice. 

                                                                                                              Chely C., Los Angeles CA