As a therapist and a personal development coach, I partner with my clients in a supportive, explorative, and healing partnership that focuses on self-leadership, integration, wholeness, and strength.


I believe that the best way to make changes in our lives is through building a healthy and loving, rock-solid relationship with ourselves, which then allows for our own wisdom to emerge and a deeper connection with life to develop. When you are able to trust yourself and trust that you have the wisdom to guide your own path, life unfolds in new ways.

I understand that we can feel stuck, overwhelmed, depressed and burdened by our circumstances and our history. I believe that through honoring our particular path, and seeing ourselves and our circumstances through a new lens, we can rise above whatever we think is holding us down and participate more fully in life. It is my mission to support others to do this.

The work that I do with my clients involves all parts of their being- body, language, emotion and spirit. I love to guide others into their own truth and facilitate their realization that they are already whole, strong, and resourceful and that they already possess so much of what they have been seeking outside of themselves. 



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I earned my MSW degree from New York University where I learned a great deal about human development and behavior. I am currently a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) in both the state of Connecticut where I grew up, in Colorado and in Arizona. Being licensed in multiple states allows me to live and work in great places as well as conduct online therapy in any of those states. As a coach I work with people nationally and internationally.

I am a certified life coach. In 2016 I trained at one of the top coaching certification programs in the word- Newfield Network in the Ontological coaching method.

As a life long learner I am constantly learning about and seeking out education in the realms of personal development and spirituality, psychology and neurobiology for both personal and professional growth. 

 I use an experiential approach  with my clients bringing in mindfulness techniques, body awareness, integration through parts work and strengths based positive psychology.