About Justine Blythe


As a self leadership and emotional wellness coach and a licensed social worker, I combine my extensive education in therapeutic realms and ontological coaching techniques to partner with my clients in a supportive, explorative, and healing relationship. I believe that the best way to make changes in our lives is through building a healthy and loving rock solid relationship with ourselves which then allows for our own wisdom to emerge. When you are able to trust yourself and trust that you will love, honor and cherish yourself, life becomes less of a struggle and more freedom and joy can emerge.


Justine holds an MSW degree from New York University and trained at one of the top coaching certification programs in the world- Newfield Network in the Ontological Coaching Method. The coaching she does with her clients involves all parts of their being- body, language and emotion. Justine knows how to guide women into their own truth and facilitate transformation which comes from a new found intimate relationship with themselves that involves respect, exploration, love, and support. Once you learn that you can always have your own back you change how you interact with yourself and the world around you regardless of your circumstances, then life begins to change and new possibilities emerge.